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      Making Sense of the Mess

      Life is full of struggle and chaos. Money often runs out leaving us unsure where the next dollar will come from, along with wondering how we will be able to pay rent or buy food. Relationships fail or become tense, confusion sets in with where we fit in with this world and what we want to do with our lives, and the list goes on. These struggles often make it seem impossible to make any sense of life; it feels like a chaotic mess that we can't seem to get a handle on. The beauty I've found in this is that whenever I seem to get on a board, everything just seems to click and suddenly life makes all the sense in the world; as if the universe aligned and the whole world finally has peace and order. The feeling of rolling on concrete, the air brushing on my skin and going through my hair; the feeling of flipping a board, catching it and rolling away - how can I feel any chaos or confusion in the midst of this? It's moments like these where I feel like, "what would I do without skateboarding? Or how would I be able to cope with this crazy life without it?" To have the ability to ride a skateboard is a huge blessing from above, for life makes sense when I am on a board, but as soon as I get off, life is just a confusing mess that is full of uncertainty.

      Words by Scotty Tang