Adidas Skate Copa

On April 24th, the Mainland skate team made the 13 hour drive from Visalia to Portland, Oregon for the Pacific North West regional Adidas Skate COPA contest, sponsored in part by The Berrics and The Boardr.

The team arrived in time to skate the park for an hour or so before closing, then linked up with photographer and PDX tour guide Bobby Escobedo. The contest format consisted of “Shop team vs Shop team”, with a four skater maximum on each team. An additional owner/shop manager is permitted to skate for a total of five skaters on your team.

Three-minute jams with all skaters from each team were allowed to skate half of the course. Each skater was scored individually, with the top three skaters’ scores counting for the overall shop score. In jam 20, Mainland rider Stephen Mussa scored first with a 65.63.

Overall, Mainland placed 7th, competing against 19 other shops. We wanted to say congrats and give a big thanks to the following team members who made the trek to Portland: Alex Lopez, Stephen Mussa, Austin Gott, Ryan Guiso







Pink + Dolphin

Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin

Mainland is proud to be one of a hand full of Online Authorized Dealers for Pink Dolphin. We continue to strive to bring you some of the hottest and exclusive brands out today. Continue to visit back for latest Pink Dolphin gear.

Read more about Pink Dolphin below.

Pink Dolphin is a unique and ingenious clothing line embodying exclusivity. The founders’ vision was to create a clothing line where every piece was limited to keep from saturation on the streets. In doing so, every season since launch has been stocked with a limited quantity of articles that were only pressed one time. As the brand continues to build upon itself, we want to thank our supporters for believing in the brand and supporting our message.

“Not just any other clothing line, we are here to promote positivity and show people what power’s they have bestowed in them. Our slogan – Legends At Our Craft – is a phrase that not only defines the pride, creativity, and superior quality that we put into our gear, but a phrase that encourages everyone to be a legend in your own craft. To strive to be the best in everything one does while promoting positivity and remaining humble will lead to unlimited success and prosperity.”

Cookies SF

Cookies SF

Cookies SF

Cookies SF

Cookies SF

Cookies SF

We are happy to bring you one of the hottest brand out right now, Cookies SF!

Cookies SF is an inspirational clothing and accessory brand destined to spark fire within the budding fashion industry. The brainchild of Bay Area recording artist and entrepreneur Berner (Gilbert Milam), Cookies SF was first featured in Berner’s 2011 “Yoko” music video, featuring Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifi and Big Krit. Since its inception as a grassroots expression of creativity, Cookies SF has grown from a small mom and pop Bay Area brand cultivated in the streets of San Francisco to a nationally recognized underground player within the world of fashion, cannabis, sports and music throughout North America.

From entertainers and athletes to generations X and Y, Cookies SF has gloved the bodies of hip-hop moguls, professional sport stars, R&B artists, geeks and college students. Like a Picasso painting that keeps drawing new interest, Cookies SF signature style mixes conventional design with a variety of cultural blends, edgy colors, artistic messages and trend setting concepts.

Some of the brand’s most popular clothing items include outerwear, hoodies, crewnecks, message t-shirts, caps, beanies, socks and belts. The company’s groundbreaking accessory line features smoke essentials (e.g., storage containers, custom ashtrays, cannabis rolling trays, etc.), key chains and a variety of innovative smell proof / odorless bags (e.g., backpacks, duffel bags, laptop bags, lunch bags, etc.). A full fledge line of contemporary cut-in-sew apparel is slated for 2015 production.

As founder and co-owner of Cookies SF, Berner wanted to create something unique that would help bridge the gap between streetwear, urban lifestyle, marijuana, hip-hop music and a multi-cultural society. “In the video ‘Yoko,’ I wanted to do something special and wear my own inspirational clothing line,” explains Berner. From this singular idea, Berner begin creating limited edition screen print t-shirts out of his home based garage and selling them exclusively online. Through word of mouth, social media and street style hustling, every item created by Cookies SF would sell out within hours.

Due to the company’s increased supply and demand needs, Berner’s residential production lab and original two-man operation team soon became too small to keep up with the brand’s ever growing notoriety. In 2013, Cookies SF leased its first office and manufacturing space to help accommodate its soaring popularity.

By 2014, Cookies SF production and sales growth reached a milestone of more than 60,000 units sold and Berner decided it was time to expand the brand globally by partnering with fashion industry veteran Bryan “Weezy” Wilson, also a Bay Area native. Wilson, a highly regarded apparel sales guru and brand builder for nearly two decades, is poised to help launch Cookies SF into the mainstream fashion industry. LRG, Stance Socks, Staple Clothing and Phat Farm are among the countless clothing companies that have benefited from Wilson’s sales and executive management expertise.

Through Cookies SF’s newly charged executive management team and fast forward growth plans, the revolutionary clothing company is firmly positioned to lead, inspire and promote its game changing fashion DNA. And since the next revolution might not be televised or tweeted, Cookies SF is committed to making sure it will be worn.

Check out our online selection of Cookies HERE!

Stussy 2015 Spring Collection












It’s amazing how it feels like it was only yesterday when we first got our hands on some stussy back when we were kids. This year marks the 35th anniversary of Stussy! To celebrate their 35th anniversary, Stussy is giving us a glimpse at their Spring 2015 collection. Check back with us later on as we continue to bring you the latest Stussy wear!

Red Bull Double Pipe returns to Aspen

The crazy minds over at Red Bull decided last year that one halfpipe wasn’t enough, so they asked the crew at Aspen Mountain to dig a second stunt ditch and shove it next to the existing stunt ditch. They invited some of the best halfpipe riders in the world, such as Ben Ferguson, Louie Vito and Scotty Lago, and they shredded that thing to pieces. Well, just like anything you do for the first time, the second time you normally do it much better(except for the fools who made Dumb and Dumber Too, y’all trippin).

Here is a recap from day one of the new, bigger, badder double pipe.

TOMS and Mainland

Mainland Skate, Toms Shoes

TOMS and Mainland are teaming up to benefit you & Children in need across the world! Since the founding of the TOMS in early 2006, the company has provided 35 million pairs of shoes and restored sight to 250,000 underprivileged children and adults across 60 countries world-wide. With TOMS “One For One” model, the company pledges that with every TOMS purchase of shoes or eye-ware, a new pair of shoes or sight-saving surgery will be given to communities in need. Of course none of this would be possible without TOMS supporters like you! As a leading distributor of TOMS products, Mainland is proud to announce that you can now make a difference in underprivileged communities with a few simple clicks! Select TOMS products are now available for purchase both on our website as well as in-stores! Check out our selection and start making a difference today!


Agenda Show LBC

Agenda Agenda-2 KA3 at The Berrics-8
Last week, the Connetic crew met in Long Beach for the skateboard / fashion / lifestyle trade show known as Agenda.

The trip kicked off with a Converse CONS event for the Kenny Anderson 3 release – complete with fresh pairs to test and an open bar. Rider Alex Lopez filmed a short line, which can be seen here.

The first day is the busiest day of the show, with the majority of skate brands represented in The Berrics area. The crew took a break from Agenda to skate Cherry Park, where Alex filmed another short clip. As the session came to an end, Nike SB was setting up generators and flood lights to prepare for a wear test of the recently released “Free” model.

With the tradeshow coming to an end, DGK held a party for the ages, with Master P on the mic.

Check the images for a brief recap of the event.

Albert Hernandez
Stashedboxes Editor / Writer / Social Media

Making Sense of the Mess

Life is full of struggle and chaos. Money often runs out leaving us unsure where the next dollar will come from, along with wondering how we will be able to pay rent or buy food. Relationships fail or become tense, confusion sets in with where we fit in with this world and what we want to do with our lives, and the list goes on. These struggles often make it seem impossible to make any sense of life; it feels like a chaotic mess that we can’t seem to get a handle on. The beauty I’ve found in this is that whenever I seem to get on a board, everything just seems to click and suddenly life makes all the sense in the world; as if the universe aligned and the whole world finally has peace and order. The feeling of rolling on concrete, the air brushing on my skin and going through my hair; the feeling of flipping a board, catching it and rolling away – how can I feel any chaos or confusion in the midst of this? It’s moments like these where I feel like, “what would I do without skateboarding? Or how would I be able to cope with this crazy life without it?” To have the ability to ride a skateboard is a huge blessing from above, for life makes sense when I am on a board, but as soon as I get off, life is just a confusing mess that is full of uncertainty.

Words by Scotty Tang